Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Canvas Still!!!

Another has been painted. I didn't know what to cook today for lunch so I had to be creative. So I made Fish n Chips or Fish n Fries whatever you may!! So see my creative juices are flowing in many different ways.

I'm using another canvas!!!

Yesterday I got up early and made myself two pairs of earrings and somehow felt bored during the day. I had things to do but wasn't up to doing them, I felt tired of the routine.

The day before I used a different canvas. I worked in my front yard. Yeah my mother will be proud - I pulled up some grass and worked on my growing garden till sun down. I didn't know I would enjoy it so much. Yeah I used a different canvas!!!

Back to yesterday!! The garage door needed a fresh coat of paint and the weather was good so yeah I used another canvas!!! I even played outdoors with my son and had a real good time. Sometimes in life we have to use a different canvas, a canvas that sometimes only the mind's eye can see. I felt happy and was bored no more, so I'm taking a different approach to living and working on the depth of my life. I read recently the " we cannot control the length of our lives, but we can the depth" so that's what I doing. So as I mentioned several times before I'm using a different canvas and yes I'm loving it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blank Canvas

Sometimes, it's good to leave the canvas blank for a while. I've done it several times. My craft lecturer at teachers' college gave me a canvas a few years ago and advised me to paint it white. Well I got my brother Marc to do it.

That canvas was blank for a long time. I eventually drew on it, but again it remained unpainted for a long time. The completed painting is now on the wall of my parents' home ( hopefully). But it was a process, it didn't happen all at once. So it's ok to leave the canvas blank.

There are times when I'm bursting with ideas, but still I feel unproductive because I cannot create anything. That's ok too. The wire has been calling my name and yes I've made a few pieces, that call has to continue and I'll continue to answer but that too will take time. Sometimes I have to step back and observe, sometimes I have to sketch and at other times I just play. Don't get me wrong even when I step back some type of play is going on in my mind, I'm just dancing to the rhythm of a different drum. So for now the canvas is blank and that's ok.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Eye Twitcher

The "Eye Twitcher" is the name I gave to this bracelet recently because this is exactly what it did to my right eye after I made it. I made this eye twitching piece a few years ago and it was not my original intention. I just wanted to learn the herringbone stitch and came across a similar design to my bracelt in a magazine.

Of course I had to go the extra mile because at that I had more time to play with beads. I just filled the entire thing up and really played with colour. Oh yes I just played!!! Something about it reminds me of a big shaggy dog because there is so much texture to it.

So off I go again to just play with some more beads. But that wire is still calling my name.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have to learn before I teach  and during my classes I get many opportunities to learn. Because it is in giving we receive, I set out to teach but I also learn .I had to learn the right angle weave ( RAW) in order to teach it. I haven't taught it yet but my class is on Saturday June 19, 2010 at Beadfx in Toronto( 

This class will prepare students for Marcia DeCoata's classes at Beadfx( in July 2010. See you on July 19 at Beadfx.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Just Play!!!

I just played with the wire, I told a lady once when she commented on one of the earrings I made. She said that when she plays she does not get that same effect. But it is how you play. Play as though you are in harmony with the materials, play as though it's a part of you. It is the marriage between my mind, hands and spirit with the materials that results in my creations.

I love what I do and I just play. Like a dancer to the sound of the music, I just play to the beat of the materials. So off I go to just play!!! You can just play too.

Wire on me mind!!!

My mind's on wire these days. I love seedbeads, but I think the wire is calling my name. I want to explore it more and really create the pieces that only my mind's eye can see. I just want to play and have fun with it. So this "Trinisunshine blogger's" gonna play with wire.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Me in my glee!!!

This is me in my glee at Beadfx in Toronto. I work there on weekends and I love it. When you work in an environment that allows you to live your passion it's not work but it's a pleasure.

Featured in the middle shelf are two of my pieces: Fringe Me Strings and an Embellished Peyote Bracelet.

Thanks Dixon Chick ( Stephanie Dixon) for taking the picture.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thanks Evie!!!

My mother gave me a handbag a few years ago when she visited us in Canada. I just loved it, it was copper with gun metal findings. Part of that lovely handbag broke and  I decided to use the rings etc. to create "Thanks Evie". Everyone calls my mom Evie which is short for Yvonne. So Mommy I added a few more components ( wire, wire beads, semi-precious stones, copper beads, a tutquiose donut and chain) the rest is history.