Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Bag of Beads

I just love this bracelet! At first I did not feel the colours but went into my stash for more inspiration. I used one of my own lampwork beads ( I played in the fire a little shhhhhhh) as the focal and was just wrapped up in loops.
Bag of Bead 2: Wrapped Up in Loops Bracelet.
 I wanted to play with Crystal Clay, Resin and Gilder's Paste. I did a bit of hammering on the case to give it some texture for the paste and this piece was a fun way to use those tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny seedbeads! I just put them into the rest of the Crystal Clay that Stephanie Dixon had given us at the January's meeting. Some fun odds and ends from my stash and more beads from the bag of course and my business cards has a new Beady Arts home.
I long for the beach - Business Card Case
 Back To The Reef - this was the most fun to work on. I had to use some wire because for some time now it has become my favourite medium to work with. The tulle was stiffened with resin and stuffed into the mouth and eight legs were made with nylon mesh tube ( that was in my stash for a little over two years). I had to give her shoes - so I used Crystal Clay and this gave it some weight too. A tulle hat with a feather and a pair of earrings of course and now she's on her way to Trinisunshine Reef (the mixed media piece featured at the bottom of my blog).

Ready For Trinisunshine  Reef

I've got Tulle in my mouth but don"t put your fingers in!!!

Nylon Mesh Tube Legs & Crystal Clay Shoes
 Finally I made a fun pair of earrings with a combination of beads from the bag and my stash.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bag Of Beads 1

Today is the Toronto Bead Society's Bag Of Bead Challenge Reveal and I'm not gonna be there Even though I'll miss being there my absence does not prevent me from revealing my pieces.

This first piece is called " For You Maureen" - and yes Maureen it's for you. This super talented lady continues to inspire many of us at the Toronto Bead Society. Without hesitation she speaks about sticking all her beads onto a rock for her first TBS challenge. I made a ring around this bead with Crystal Clay and literally rolled it in those tiny seed beads. I didn't have the patience to glue them on and of course the rest history.

So ladies this in my first reveal before the offical reveal tonight. Have an enjoyable evening.

For You Maureen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Classes March - April @ Beadfx

Nuff Wrapped Loops Bracelet
There's still room left in Nuff Wrapped Loops so click on the link and make that call to Beadfx today . Don't let the picture scare you - I've done over one hundred wrapped loops on the bracelet and you don't have to do that many. The important thing is the confidence you'll gain to turn those beads in your stash into earrings and pendants after acquiring this important skill.

Knots & Gems bracelet
 Come on over to Beadfx on April 2 to learn the traditional art of Pearl Knotting . We are using semi-precious stones to create an elegant bracelet that can be worn on your way home.

Fun With Wire Leaf Pendant

On April 5 from 6 - 9PM. I'm teaching another piece from my "Fun With Wire" series - an introduction to wire weaving Leaf Pendant. You'll be give the opportunity to embellish the leaf with Firepolish beads. For more on this class click on the link and call Beadfx to enroll today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nuff Wrapped Loops

If you have beads in your stash that you want to turn into earrings or pendants and lack the confidence to make wrapped loops - this is the class for you. Or if you want to just practice wrapping loops in a fun filled and beader friendly environment come on board at Beadfx on March 29, 2012 from 6 - 9PM. Click on the link and call Beadfx today to sign up for Nuff Wrapped Loops.

Nuff Wrapped Loops Bracelet

Monday, March 5, 2012

1st. Class

Allison's  Bracelet
My first class for 2012 was A Little Bit of Everything Too,
As usual ladies I enjoyed teaching you.
I hope you'll continue along the way,
To practice, practice, practice the techniques as I always say.

Barbra's  Bracelet
Karen's Bracelet
 These are the lovely bracelets that were made by four of the lovely participants. One of the ladies left shortly after she finished so hers has not been featured. Thank you once again ladies for your support and for sharing in the Beady Arts experience that's " From the heart, by the hands, just for you."
Lillian's Bracelet

You too can have the opportunity to do  A Little Bit of Everything Too on June 13, 2012 at Beadfx