Thursday, November 22, 2012

These I Love

If ever you go into Beadfx in Toronto( be sure to go to the table with the fun lampwork beads. These leaf headpins were new to the store at the time  and I had to have these  two pairs. I added a few beads and used basic wire working techniques and these I love love love!!!!!

These lovely headpins were designed and made by Deborah Muss and there's a wide selection at the store. So feast your eyes and pick up a few pairs and put a smile on someone's face this Christmas.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Classes = Two more bracelets!!!

I made this Chainmaille Regaliz Bracelet in Pamela Kern"s class recently. The chainmaille was done in the class but I completed the rest at home by making the wire spiral beads.

This is the end result of taking Amy's Basic Bead Crochet class. I'm now on my fourth bracelet yipee!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank You For Your Service

This morning I went to the Remembrance Day celebration at my son's school. It was a very solemn ceremony and throughout the many class performances the word that stood out to me is "Peace".

My son's class sang "Let There Be Peace On Earth" and another class sang a song about peace around the world. The word peace stood out in many different languages and this is what we all need wherever we are in this world. As we focus on that struggle for peace let us remember the many men and women who fought and continue to fight for this cause. It is with my deepest gratitude, honour and love for you and your loved ones I'll echo "Thank you for your service" and add "God's blessings, guidance and protection on you and yours".

Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Fell!!!

Natural Carpet - this happened after many rainy and windy days.

Soon they will be no more!!!

Where there is life there is hope even for trees with fallen leaves.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Grandmother

I called my aunt and uncle's home today to check up on my grandmother. Instead my grandmother's caregiver answered and I thanked her for taking care of her. I did not get to speak to my aunt or uncle because they had both stepped out but had a brief conversation with "The Queen".

'Queen' is what her children call her - because she is indeed a queen. I miss my grandmother dearly and hearing her voice filled my heart. I feel blessed because I had the opportunity to know all my grandparents and I treasure all the memories. 'Ma Val' or 'Mommy Val' is what we call her and even though she's at the stage where she's not saying much - she told me she loves me and that made my day.

If you know me well, you'll know that I've a soft spot for seniors - the 'kings' and 'queens' who are filled with a wealth of wisdom. Nuff love and respect to all the seniors and their caregivers out there. Be blessed, because having you around in certainly a blessing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Fall

They fall

and fall

and are collected and put into bags

and are collected

and more and more fall!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Hot Connection Pieces

My Stacked Rings made during the Hot Connections 1 Class

I completed these earrings last week Saturday after completing my Hot Connections 3 pieces

Bangles made during the Hot Connections 3 class

I made two rings with the rest of my twisted wire.

Now I've Stacked Rings

Monday, October 22, 2012


"Girl you're addicted to Pinterest." I've to admit that I am. Admittance is still the first step of the twelve step program right!! Imagine that I was hearing about it for a long time and was not going to get sucked in by another "thing" on the computer. Well I'm in big time and like my other addictions I'm sure there's no rehab. Yeah I can picture it now: people in a huge room trying to stop pinning and as they do they keep logging out and in because each time they log out they find something to pin.

And it goes further: they each get sent to a room where they are placed in front on a computer that has no internet but then slip in a flash drive that has there favourite boards on it. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez I'm gonna stop. Well I need something to wind down - yeah right but I seem to be winding down all the time. I now have 17 boards, 778 Pins, 161 Likes, 84 Followers and  I'm following  690 people ( to where - the rehab that does not exist?).

So yeah I just came off for a few minutes to blog a bit. So feel free to click on the my Pinterest link and who knows if we're not already, we may soon be following each other. Enjoy!!!

Another Kumihimo Experiment - taken from My Kumihimo Board on Pinterest

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I played today!!!! Yipeeee!!!

I played today!!!! Yipeeee!!! I had a beautiful day at work today. Work ? Play? Yeah I took Iris Rogers Melamed's Hot Connections 3 class at work today and it was a great way to spend my Saturday. Wonderful ladies and an equally wonderful and excellent instructor. We were on a roll playing with fire.

I made three silver bangles, two rings and finished my earrings from the first soldering class I had taken in the summer. I feel more confident now to solder at home because even though I purchased the equipment I still felt a bit skeptical to do it. So look out for the pictures of my pieces in the near future ( please give me some credit - I blogged three days in a row).In the meantime have a look at Iris' class samples: 

Iris' Bangles ( Hot Connections 3)
Now here I am winding down for the day spending sometime on Pinterest - but that  is another blog for another day. See you soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall - my favourite season of all !!!!!!

Fallen Leaves

I just love this view

Across the field

Across the field we walk daily

He's still there - minus some parts.


I had the pleasure of taking a few classes at the store during the summer and  other than wire and metal, I'm playing with Kumihimo

Maga Kumi : Kumihimo Bracelets using seedbeads and Magatamas
You can view my growing Kumihimo designs on my Pinterest Board

Friday, September 21, 2012


Let's Wrap Them Up - taught these in Guelph at the Grand River Bead Society's first meeting on Monday 17, September
 Thank you Grand River Bead Society for having me and sharing in the Beady Arts Experience i.e. "From the heart, by the hands, just for you."

From October 2, my teaching at Beadfx is going to officially resume after my summer break and it kicks off with Cold Connection Bracelet. My other classes at the store are also cold connections but each one involves a different method to connect wire. For more details please click on the links provided. Click on the links and make that call to Beadfx and let's have wire fun the Beady Arts way.
Cold Connection Bracelet - Beadfx on October 2, 2012

Another Cold Connection - Necklace @ Beadfx on October 9, 2012
Another Cold Connection - Necklace 2 on November 13, 2012 @ Beadfx


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wow not since July!!!

Wow not since July you say?
Hmmmmmm yeah I haven't been here for a long time. I said I was going to take a break for the summer and so I did. It was one of my best summers ever - firing up the grill with family and good neighbours, spending loads of time with my family and  playing outside with my son.

Yeah as if we didn't spend enough time already. But it's going by too quickly - imagine my son started school. Where did the time go? I'm not going to keep typing on, I'll let the pictures talk to you.
It was a fine time to take classes @ Beadfx ( my necklace after Angela Peace's Kumihimo Edge Bead Necklace

Trip to the Toronto Zoo with Joshua and my good friend and sister Josie. 

@ the Toronto Zoo

Visit to Fort Erie with my two boys (my husband & son of course)

Yeah we went to the EX!!!

Time to design new classes :

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For You Trinbago and for you Canada.

Trinbago Shamballa

Show me your national colours!!!!

Oh Canada!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Classes = More Pieces Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Last Saturday ( July 14) I spent the day at work not working on the floor but taking classes - a big thank you to Stephanie Dixon for taking my shift. Cindy Goldwick in an excellent instructor - her classes should be on your To Do List if you have taken any yet. The other ladies on board were absolutely wonderful too. It was a room filled with creativity - my kinda setting.

Let the picture speak to you!!!!
My Flowers and Swags Necklace made during Cindy Goldwick's class @ Beadfx
My Cuff - made during Cindy's Cuff & Ring class @ Beadfx
On Sunday 15, July, I was off to Japan!!!!! I took Angela Peace's Kumihimo Basics class but had to leave to catch a flight to start my shift at Beadfx. I really heard this is addictive - oh yes it is because it is fast and easy and it was taught by an excellent instructor. Enjoy the pictures.

Sample Piece - completed this cord on Sunday night
My first Kumihimo bracelet - I completed it on Monday. I rushed to my studio and designed and made the wire focal bead.

On my own!!!! I added some stones - I'm loving this.

One for Khes of course.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks Angela Peace & Cindy Goldrick

I had the pleasure of taking two classes on my day off at work last June. I'll let my pictures speak as usual but please permit me to to say thank you to Angela Peace and Cindy Goldrick - two excellent instructors at Beadfx in Toronto. I'll be blogging soon about another of Angela's classes and two of Cindy's I had the opportunity of taking more recently. In the meantime enjoy.

Necklace using the Button Knot technique after taking Angela Peace's class on June 23, 2012 ( I made the necklace a few days after the class)

I used the Button Knot technique to put this necklace together after taking Angela Peace's introductory Chinese Knotting Class.

Bracelet made during Cindy Goldrick's Foldforming  Class @ Beadfx on June 23, 2012

Foldforming earrings - that I completed only on Tuesday (July 17) after taking Cindy Goldrick's Foldforming Class on June 23, 2012 @ Beadfx