Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For You Trinbago and for you Canada.

Trinbago Shamballa

Show me your national colours!!!!

Oh Canada!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Classes = More Pieces Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Last Saturday ( July 14) I spent the day at work not working on the floor but taking classes - a big thank you to Stephanie Dixon for taking my shift. Cindy Goldwick in an excellent instructor - her classes should be on your To Do List if you have taken any yet. The other ladies on board were absolutely wonderful too. It was a room filled with creativity - my kinda setting.

Let the picture speak to you!!!!
My Flowers and Swags Necklace made during Cindy Goldwick's class @ Beadfx
My Cuff - made during Cindy's Cuff & Ring class @ Beadfx
On Sunday 15, July, I was off to Japan!!!!! I took Angela Peace's Kumihimo Basics class but had to leave to catch a flight to start my shift at Beadfx. I really heard this is addictive - oh yes it is because it is fast and easy and it was taught by an excellent instructor. Enjoy the pictures.

Sample Piece - completed this cord on Sunday night
My first Kumihimo bracelet - I completed it on Monday. I rushed to my studio and designed and made the wire focal bead.

On my own!!!! I added some stones - I'm loving this.

One for Khes of course.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks Angela Peace & Cindy Goldrick

I had the pleasure of taking two classes on my day off at work last June. I'll let my pictures speak as usual but please permit me to to say thank you to Angela Peace and Cindy Goldrick - two excellent instructors at Beadfx in Toronto. I'll be blogging soon about another of Angela's classes and two of Cindy's I had the opportunity of taking more recently. In the meantime enjoy.

Necklace using the Button Knot technique after taking Angela Peace's class on June 23, 2012 ( I made the necklace a few days after the class)

I used the Button Knot technique to put this necklace together after taking Angela Peace's introductory Chinese Knotting Class.

Bracelet made during Cindy Goldrick's Foldforming  Class @ Beadfx on June 23, 2012

Foldforming earrings - that I completed only on Tuesday (July 17) after taking Cindy Goldrick's Foldforming Class on June 23, 2012 @ Beadfx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Safe, yeah how safe?

I'm not trying to give the city a bad name - because over the years I've felt quite safe in this huge city. But when it comes close to home and my safety feels compromised safe yeah how safe are we really?

A few weeks it was at Eaton Centre and now last night in  my neighbourhood. Wha really going on man!!! I sat outside with my family last night and we were chatting with my neighbour enjoying the summer, then we heard the music and what was supposedly singing but it was sounding like quarreling. Then about ten shots rang out!!! Then we waited, yeah we waited to what turned out to be the biggest orchestra of sirens I've ever heard. Still we waited because it went on for a long time.

Today twenty-three people were reportedly shot and among them two were pronounced safe at the scene. The mayor, the police chief everybody who can is having a press conference about what was supposed to be a celebration that turned violent.Two streets away approximately - that close. It was sounding even closer like right in my front yard. Safe, yeah how safe?????

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last Class

On Thursday July 5, I'm teaching Fun With Wire @ Beadfx in Toronto from 6 - 9PM. This will be my last class for a while. Yes I'm taking a break. So come on over to Beadfx and let's break it with a band - let's have fun with wire. This class was sold out on the last Toronto Bead Society's Techniques Night and in this class you'll :
  • How to make wire beads
  • Horizontal Wire Wrapping
  • Coiling around a bead
  • A Caged Bead . So click on the link, call the store and enroll today and we'll have fun with wire the Beady Arts way.