Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nature's Own Palette

I took these shots a few weeks ago at Edwards Gardens in Toronto - Nature's very own palette. I hope you feel inspired - enjoy!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I love experimenting with colour and in a previous blog I mentioned that I was encouraged by my dad (God bless his soul) and a former teacher of mine to wear brighter colours. Since I listened, there was no turning back.

Whenever I shop for clothing (one of my weakest weaknesses lol), I often hesitate to buy prints but recently I saw a few pieces that I couldn't resist and I left the store smiling. All I've to do is wear them and not let them be a part of my collection of clothing I haven't worn yet.

Am I the only one guilty of doing that? I had a dress for two summers straight without wearing it and last year I wore it in the spring. A black dress that looked awesome with a dash of the right accessories.

Fall is approaching and of all the seasons it's my favourite. That mentioned, even Mother Nature encourages us to leap into a world of colour. A world that can change your mood from feeling sad and depressed to one of positivity and happiness.

If you feel the need to be inspired take a trip to your local mall, flip through the pages of your favourite magazine, go for a walk - inhale and exhale and just live. Enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In, out, up & about!!!

I've been in, out, up and about and I'm having a grand time. Where is the time going though? Summer you're slipping away - I just want the warm temperatures and all the fun clothing to stay. Well Mother Nature do your do!!!

In the midst of it all, many pieces have been made - I taught my Mom a few techniques and the odd time my son joined in and made a few pieces ( he's 5 going on...). So if you don't see me blogging, feel free to visit my Facebook Fan Page and while you're there click on the "Like" button. As always thank you all for your continued support.
My son made this for my mother and she wears it with pride.

I taught my mother how to coil, so this bracelet was made by the two of us.

As I mentioned on my FB page ( Rae's Beady Arts), I always wanted  a pair of these so I made them in a flash. For $20 CDN plus shipping you to have own a pair.