Monday, February 28, 2011


Is every fault really a fashion? Is it a case of anything goes? Is my right your wrong or is it the other way around? Is wrong wrong and correct right? Are there really any standards when the very people who make them sometime break them? Or are double standards really the norm? Oh gorm!!Am I going to get any answers or am I just  supposed to suppose?

I was taught no man can serve two masters and as I grow I'm expected to multitask. I'm cooking, I'm cleaning, I'm typing, I'm reading jeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! Oh please!! Things are rapidly changing, change is the only constant they say but yet we can't get used to the change of a change. When we buy we sometimes get less change and at times no change.

It's cold in the morning and hot in the evening, hot in the morning and cold in the evening. Sometimes I feel like laughing and at times I feel like screaming. If I go outside now it's freezing. You say the weather in unpredictable yet you say there will be snow tomorrow. While I'm multitasking my chicken is burning, but to tell you the truth I'm only joking.

Oh boy that's why I'm gonna say Hmmmm!!

You Walked In

You walked in and I said hello, you did your do and I did mine. Suddenly you needed my help and apologised for disturbing me. Disturbing me!!! Oh no that thought did not even cross my mind.

To assist you, the pleasure is always mine. Whenever I get the opportunity to I'm in my glee, because expressing myself creatively has always been a passion to me.

Before you left you thanked me for my help on a previous visit. I appreciated your gratitude and smiled. Initially I did not remember helping you the way you expressed I did. You walked out and in my mind I'm thinking that the art is growing because it only takes a spark to keep that creative stream flowing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Inspire Me

Many people come into the store to shop, some come for inspiration, others come for both. Whatever the reason, many express that they get great ideas by either visiting the store or the website .

But I'll tell you this you inspire me too. I see some of the best jewellery, the most pleasant people, fashion - what's hot,  what's new and the lot. All of this and more allows me the opportunity to continiously live my passion.

Thank you for being an inspiration.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Impressions Don't Always Last!

Every time he came in he always looked so serious - his face looked grumpy. But there seemed to be a softer side to him, because he would sometimes lean his head on his wife's shoulder when they came in to have lunch.

He smiled today and he laughed and yes a totally different side was displayed. That confirmed my disbelief in first impressions, because they don't always last.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Front The Mirror

I stood in front the mirror and was just playing one evening and the end result was one of my favourite necklaces. I just opened the links of the chain and add a little bit of this and that. Some of the components were supposed to be turned into classes but to put the instructions together felt like a pain.

I decided that I can't teach them all, but sometimes  present pieces to inspire others to play too. A lovely lady whom I had the pleasure of teaching twice mentioned that she tried an "In Front the Mirror" necklace too and I felt really pleased. You'll be amazed with what you can create if you just play too - yeah just play with in front of the mirror.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coiling Classes

Last year I started to experiment with the Coiling Gizmo because I felt the need to work more with wire. For a few years I had been designing and making pieces using various bead weaving techniques and out of that experience I developed a few patterns and classes.

The Coiling Gizmo classes were designed because of my own feelings - we constantly purchase items for whatever reasons and sometimes they are just there - in the packages, unused and in some cases dusty from years of negligence. So with that in mind are you looking for new, fanciful ways to work with wire? Do you have a Coiling Gizmo that’s just sitting there? Or do want to buy one and are a bit skeptical? Well come along and share in the Beady Arts Coiling Gizmo experience at Beadfx  Toronto : , and at the Canadian Bead Oasis at the  Metro Toronto Convention Centre: .

I'm Still Coiling

Yeah I'm still playing with wire and still experimenting with the Coiling Gizmo.This evening I've yet another coiling class at Beadfx in Toronto and I'm as usual excited about sharing this technique with all who are willing to learn.

We'll be stirring up those fun and exciting Aunty Gwen's Bead Soups at Beadfx to create a necklace using the Coiling Gizmo, 24 and 20 gauge Artistic wire glass beads and jump rings. Enjoy!!!!