Monday, October 7, 2013

Pearl Knotting

I'm knotting pearls these days - working on some new classes. One of them is a knotted stone chip necklace (yeah I know a chip is not a pearl). In this class I’ll teach you how to knot stone chips using the traditional pearl knotting technique. I’ll demonstrate using Fine Tip Tweezers, an Awl and pearl knotting pliers. I’ll also demonstrate how to ream pearls using two types of bead reamers. You’ll also learn how to wrap loops – one of the fundamentals in wire work. At the end of it all you can wear your necklace on your way home.

For more information go to and book your spot on October 27/13 from 11:30am to 2:30pm.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I wanted to take one of Anne Mitchell's ( ) classes since last year and I knew she was gonna be back at Beadfx again so I waited. From the moment I saw the listings at the store, it was my desire to take the PMC and Fine Silver Fusing Class Thank you Kelly for taking my shift and Beadfx Inc for inviting Anne back to teach because I had the most amazing experience.

Preparing to torch - since this experience, I'm more comfortable with my torch.

Anne at work.

Anne demonstrating fusing the rings on the chain.

Back of the necklace

Let the hammering of the rings begin.

Look at the lovely texture on the PMC clay

My necklace - haven't worn it yet but soon.

I made myself some stacked rings - these I wear all the time.

I'm loving these rings.