Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chinese Knotting

I took a Chinese Knotting class at Beadfx on Tuesday night. Well I announced as I usually do that I'm left handed. I created history!!! I was the first lefty to be taught by the instructor and as a first I did it the right handed way . Your right my wrong, my left my right and your wrong lol!!!
Angela Peace is a brillant teacher and if I can speak for the other students we all had a grand time. So if you're ever in Toronto log on to and look up Angela Peace's classes. But you have to hurry because her classes fill up fast.

I'm back!!!

It's been over a month since my last post ( sounds like confession eh!!!). The person who once called me the once a month blogger will shake her head when she sees this lol. I've not been blogging but I've been busy working on pieces for class purposes.

In my last blog I mentioned the importance of practicing when we learn a new technique and I've been practicing the Viking Knit technique. So much so that I no longer feel ashamed to take it on the subway. In fact I completed two bracelets and I'm now working on a necklace.

My first Viking Knit piece!!!

Yeah this is  my first piece and I wear it with pride because it's a reminder of where this new and exciting journey began.