Monday, June 27, 2011

July's Classes

July is almost upon us and my instructing continues at Beadfx. I've two classes: 
Let's Link Up In The Summer @ Beadfx on July 19

Let's Wrap Them Up - July 26 @ Beadfx in Toronto  
So come on over to Beadfx on July 19 and 26 and share in the Rae's Beady Arts experience that's "From the heart, by the hands, just for you."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Just Couldn't Handle It

I waited and was going to until today but couldn't resist. I had to make the call. Usually an e- mail gave me some idea but I didn't receive any about my concerns on Wednesday.

I just couldn't handle the suspense any longer so I called. Just as I suspected one of my beads was stuck to the mandrel but the others survived. I spent so much time on that bead but when the bead release started to come off I suspected the inevitable . No worries because my mind is already filling up with ideas for it.

So as my desire to play with fire continues to grow, I on my way to walking tall because I'm gonna practice .

Bead on the mandrel

The other beads survived

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Believe

I know why I believe...


I made these beads in Amy's class.
If you love beads, are a Frequent Beader or simply put a Bead Addict , then you should try lampworking. Lampwork and practice!!!

I took a lampworking class last year at Beadfx with Dwyn Tomlinson and that experience was breathtaking. Since then I've had three fun practice sessions(we talk and laugh) with Malliga who works with me at Beadfx and on June 19, I had the pleasure of taking Amy Walderman - Smith's class.

Wow 'I just can't get enough'. I'm still in the crawling stages but as time progresses my limbs are getting stronger and my desire to play in fire is increasing. Even though I want to just go wild, perfecting the basic skills is essential so that's my main focus.

You too can share in this experience - take a class with Dwyn  or Amy and then you'll be able to identify with why these ladies and the many others who lampwork spend so much time playing in fire.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enjoying It

I'm enjoying the summer while it lasts because in Canada the coldness lasts longer than the heat. If feels like winter in winter, spring, (sometimes summer) and fall. On my outdoor adventures Mother Nature is doing her thing and I'm keeping my eyes open to what she has to offer so here goes:

Beetles enjoying the summer

This little guy was having an afternoon snack

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Of All The Days

Of all the day to totally shut dowm mail delivery!
Wha happen yuh have a beef with me?
Ah ordered de book since last month
And it was suppose to come today
Wha happen eh!

All I want is meh wireworking book
When yuh decided to deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Ah say yes meh book go reach
Wha happen yuh do know the days of de week
Today is Wednesday and ah want meh book! 
If dey coulda e-mail or fax it ah doh mind
Of all de days man  
All now so ah woulda be smiling like if ah eat cake
All now so ah woulda be going through meh book.
Open the gates and cause ah want meh book please!!!!
Where is Postman Pat when we need him eh?

Well the good thing about it is I got my book, thank goodness it was not being delivered by regular postal services.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let's Jazz It Up

I taught Let's Jazz It Up this evening at Beadfx and now I'm all fired up and blogging. Both the ladies design and make beautiful jewellery and my purpose was to add another technique to their repertoire.

I'm happy to share their pieces here so feast your eyes on these jazzed up bangles.
Maxine's Jazzed Up Bangle

JoAnn's Jazzed Up Bangle


Yes I'm back in the  land of the bloggers. I had not blogged since May 31st, because I was really trying to get some other work done that caused me to be away from the computer.

I have to mention my Pearl Knotting class last Wednesday at Beadfx in Scarborough ON. Those ladies were fabulous and even though there were some concerns about the stormy weather that evening was well spent.

This evening I'm off to Beadfx again to teach "Let's Jazz It Up". A bangle, jump rings, headpins, chain and don’t forget the beads. Come on over and let’s jazz that bangle up please!!