Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I took my son to one of the malls a few days before Christmas and he wanted a picture with Santa. It was easy because there was not a huge line up - literally a handful of people. Our turn came and I felt the child in me surface.

I sat next to Santa ( yeah I told him I wasn't gonna sit on his knee), while my favourite little guy sat on his knee and we had our picture taken. Of course it was his nature to ask what we wanted for Christmas. Josh just smiled and when he asked me I told him I didn't care for presents but I just wanted people to come over to our home.

That's what I got and it still remains the best present ever. Even though I miss my loved ones in Trinidad and Tobago the most at Christmas, it's all about creating new traditions with lessons learned from the past.

So to all of you who grace my blog with your presence - belated Christmas greetings and Happy New Year.