Thursday, February 21, 2013

Felting Journey

Felted pieces to be turned into beads. This was an excellent way to spend a cold evening.

Felted Choker in progress during the Felted Choker class at Beadfx in Toronto on Sunday

Felted Choker - adding the stone

More work on the choker

I've an outfit in mind for my felted choker.

Felted Vessel - I bought one of Dawn Liu- Smyth's felted vessel kits and made this last Monday.

Felted Vessel

The back of my felted vessel.
Thank you Dawn( for introducing me to this new and exciting journey.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I'm felting and I'm loving it. I took another of Dawn Liu - Smyth's class last Sunday and I'm so happy I got that opportunity. That date was set since my son and I were in Trinidad and Tobago. I saw the class on Beadfx's site and phoned my husband right away to get me signed up. The rest is history.

I'm gonna finish some pieces and I'll post some pictures soon.