Monday, July 19, 2010

Bead Soup.

Bead soup, oh how I love to make you and oh how my work just loves to eat you up. I was inspired to make bead soups by Beadfx in Toronto. Years ago I bought a few bead soups there and the end result was freeform peyote jewellery.

I loved the concept of making bead soups so much so that I started to make my own. Yeah I just put together different types of beads ( seedbeads, accent beads ) in a bowl and mixed them all up. Sometimes we have to go back to base. I now work at Beadfx and I saw a soup that I really loved ( thanks Rosemary)and bought two. One I used in my piece Oh Canada and the other I'm going to make some beads with.

On Saturday I had to make some soups at Beadfx thanks to Rosemary, the store's manageress. I had a blast. So now I'm off to let my work eat them all up!!!

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