Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creative Block

As I sit here and type away I'm thinking of the fact that what I'm about to 'key' is not form a book but from my experience. I've been told that 'experience is the greatest teacher' and with that in mind I'm typing away.

At times there are so many ideas in my head about things I want to create and that burst of creativity sometimes results in nothing. A situation where there is no satisfying end result. At times is seems like there is what I'll coin ' creative constipation', I suppose it can be equated to writers' block. When that occurs there is that need for a break - a time to step outside and let nature doing the talking. Or perhaps a trip to a mall may stimulate my creativity.

If you are familiar with my work you'll know that my pieces are very abstract in nature - very freeform. Some people cannot think outside the box or outside the anus. Oh boy first constipation, then anus jeez what is this Sunshine? Well I just let myself go in my work, I go with the flow of my mood. When the moment comes when I cannot get the job done  I just leave it alone because there is no sense in forcing the point.

So here I am on a different canvas, putting my creativity to work. So as for tonight goes,instead of rushing into my stash I'll take a rest.

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