Tuesday, July 7, 2015

May 19 - wow !

May 19, 2014 - wow over a year ago. Amazing how time flies and yes I'm still here. I took time out - time out to reflect, time out just be, time out from so many things to do something for me.

During that time I still played so enjoy....

Leather wrap bracelet.

Samples for my "We're Making Bails" class at Beadfx

"Blame it on Rosemary"necklace 

Polymer Clay pendant - I made this during Barbara Colautti's class at Beadfx.                                 

Alcohol Ink Key Chain - this was made for my husband. I had taken Anne Marie Desaulnier's class at Beadfx and Alcohol Inks (AI) has become my latest addiction.

Alcohol Ink pendant

I taught my son the AI technique and he made these for his teachers and school principals.

Alcohol Ink on a plate

AI on a tile - this was done during one of Anne Marie's classes at Beadfx.

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