Friday, May 14, 2010


My eyes are tired - well extra tired today because my heart is full. So full that the tears were just pouring out. But the tears wouldn't bring you back to us. I love you and you knew it. You loved me and I know that and I feel blessed.

One of my dearest friends died on Wednesday after suffering from that freaking cancer. Yes freaking is putting it mildly. It's like eating good Indian food without pepper man. Yuh know what ah mean. Even though this lost hurts the very depths of my being I know it's for the best. I serve a God who knows me and loves me and He is in control. He knows best. We've been praying for healing and yes sometimes healing comes in death. My friend is suffering no more and I feel great that her faith was strong.

On one of the few occasions when she replied to my daily text messages, she told me that " God will do the rest, " and yes she has been healed. Like a seed that has been planted, by her dying she will be born to eternal life one day. But oh boy death stings hard, but God is in control and he is putting things right.

I feel a little better now and it'll take some time, but time is the greatest healer. As I sit here and type away the initial fullness of my heart seems to be getting empty cause I'm giving this burden to God. Thank God for good family members and friends who were there in my absence for my friend Alicia and who are here for me now. God is love. Amen!!!

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