Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coiling Classes

Last year I started to experiment with the Coiling Gizmo because I felt the need to work more with wire. For a few years I had been designing and making pieces using various bead weaving techniques and out of that experience I developed a few patterns and classes.

The Coiling Gizmo classes were designed because of my own feelings - we constantly purchase items for whatever reasons and sometimes they are just there - in the packages, unused and in some cases dusty from years of negligence. So with that in mind are you looking for new, fanciful ways to work with wire? Do you have a Coiling Gizmo that’s just sitting there? Or do want to buy one and are a bit skeptical? Well come along and share in the Beady Arts Coiling Gizmo experience at Beadfx  Toronto : , and at the Canadian Bead Oasis at the  Metro Toronto Convention Centre: .

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