Monday, February 28, 2011


Is every fault really a fashion? Is it a case of anything goes? Is my right your wrong or is it the other way around? Is wrong wrong and correct right? Are there really any standards when the very people who make them sometime break them? Or are double standards really the norm? Oh gorm!!Am I going to get any answers or am I just  supposed to suppose?

I was taught no man can serve two masters and as I grow I'm expected to multitask. I'm cooking, I'm cleaning, I'm typing, I'm reading jeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! Oh please!! Things are rapidly changing, change is the only constant they say but yet we can't get used to the change of a change. When we buy we sometimes get less change and at times no change.

It's cold in the morning and hot in the evening, hot in the morning and cold in the evening. Sometimes I feel like laughing and at times I feel like screaming. If I go outside now it's freezing. You say the weather in unpredictable yet you say there will be snow tomorrow. While I'm multitasking my chicken is burning, but to tell you the truth I'm only joking.

Oh boy that's why I'm gonna say Hmmmm!!

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