Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Express Thy Creativity

He started to colour his t-shirt with a marker and I just looked on. I let him express himself. It took me back to a time when I started to paint on my clothes.

My mother's concern was that all my clothing would have been painted. Very soon I was painting on hers and on other people's too. Yeah I painted on clothing, on fabric and there were even  times when I decorated St. Mark's Anglican Church in Point Fortin where I grew up. Oh how I loved those days.

My parents did not stop me, but instead allowed me the opportunity to express myself through the Arts. My other family members and friends have supported me through the years and I am truly grateful for all of it. That freedom of expression and all the love and support continues to mold me into the individual that I am.

So now whenever he asks me to paint, I let him express himself because I want to keep that creative fire burning.

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