Thursday, June 23, 2011


I made these beads in Amy's class.
If you love beads, are a Frequent Beader or simply put a Bead Addict , then you should try lampworking. Lampwork and practice!!!

I took a lampworking class last year at Beadfx with Dwyn Tomlinson and that experience was breathtaking. Since then I've had three fun practice sessions(we talk and laugh) with Malliga who works with me at Beadfx and on June 19, I had the pleasure of taking Amy Walderman - Smith's class.

Wow 'I just can't get enough'. I'm still in the crawling stages but as time progresses my limbs are getting stronger and my desire to play in fire is increasing. Even though I want to just go wild, perfecting the basic skills is essential so that's my main focus.

You too can share in this experience - take a class with Dwyn  or Amy and then you'll be able to identify with why these ladies and the many others who lampwork spend so much time playing in fire.

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