Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Of All The Days

Of all the day to totally shut dowm mail delivery!
Wha happen yuh have a beef with me?
Ah ordered de book since last month
And it was suppose to come today
Wha happen eh!

All I want is meh wireworking book
When yuh decided to deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Ah say yes meh book go reach
Wha happen yuh do know the days of de week
Today is Wednesday and ah want meh book! 
If dey coulda e-mail or fax it ah doh mind
Of all de days man  
All now so ah woulda be smiling like if ah eat cake
All now so ah woulda be going through meh book.
Open the gates and cause ah want meh book please!!!!
Where is Postman Pat when we need him eh?

Well the good thing about it is I got my book, thank goodness it was not being delivered by regular postal services.

1 comment:

  1. I hate this strike! My online sales completely dropped off as soon as the rotating strikes started, and there's no point listing new items or advertising. Grrrrr. Sorry about your book! SO CLOSE!!!!