Friday, June 21, 2013

You're on my mind....

You're on my mind
When I heard I was probably too numb to cry
The time was passing and I knew any minute we were gonna get that call because we knew you were gonna die
Then the call came  -  the inevitable moment had come....

Time is passing and with the passage of time I'm reflecting. When you were still here I wanted to make our time together a happy one for you, for me and for everyone else present. In my reflection I can laugh and I can cry, tears of happiness and tears of grief. But today everytime someone makes a Create For The Cure bracelet I'm reminded of your visit and the great time we had together. I'm also reminded of our hope for a cure for cancer one day. R.I.P. Sybs.

If you  would like to make  or obtain more information on the Create For The Cure bracelet click on the link:

I made this bracelet for my aunt when she visited in 2011

Create For The Cure - bracelet. I designed this bracelet with my Auntie Sybil in mind and to honour all other women who were affected in someway or the other by breast cancer.

Thank you Dwyn for your excellent photography as always.

Create For The Cure

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