Friday, January 10, 2014


 I recently bought Jean Power's Geometeric Star pattern after seeing the different colour combinations of it being worn by two of my colleagues at work. Ms. Power even taught several classes at Beadfx last June and even though I did not take any of her classes my journey to geometeric beadweaving has begun ...

My tiny collection of 11/0 Delicas

I bought more Delicas because I wanted to make Jean Power's Geometeric Star to compliment a sweater I bought recently.

I'm almost finished, but the next time I do this I'm gonna increase my tension.

It was after 3AM. and sleep failed to return and I wanted to finish this star. I had to finish this star. Deadline? Who said anything about a deadline? I finally got out of bed at about 5AM. and did not stop till it was finished.

Finally - yes finally. My first star is finished. This reminds me of the beach - the sand!!! It's winter here and it's almost summer there and the softness of this star brings me some serenity. 
Now that I'm sucked into this "vortex of beadweaving" I'm gonna make another. And yes I bought more Delicas Yeah ! Yeah!!!

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