Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shopping for Accessories

"I love those earrings, but they may not go with the my shirt, if only I had it with me ".
So you're out shopping for the right necklace to compliment a top you purchased recently. Or better yet - you want to make your own accessories. You head out to the store and explain to the sales representative the purpose of your visit, then comes the question " Do you have the top you want to purchase the necklace for?" or "Can I please see the top so I can better assist you with finding the right beads?"

But you cannot do either because you left the top in your closet at home. Jeez and you go on and on as thought you're expecting her to work a miracle. No item  means no proper match. So in the future please take it with you for your convenience and to obtain the best possible service. Even if you have a picture of the item that may not be the best option because sometimes the picture does not do justice to the true colour of the item. So it will not hurt to take it with you.

" Yeah I think that cuff will be ideal for my top, but I want to be sure, hmmmmmmmm I left the top at home".

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