Friday, April 8, 2011

Dog Yampee

Well yes I never put dog yampee in my eyes and like I seeing spirits!!! Legend has it ( ha high I like the sound of that) in Trinidad and Tobago that if you take the mucus(yampee) from a dog's eyes and put it into yours you'll see spirits. Yes ghosts!!! Well I never did that before in my life ! Never say never !!! Well I had not done that before and I keep seeing images of people crossing the road when they are not supposed to.

The other night there were three spirits on the road. I can't remember ever seeing yampee in a Canadian dog's eyes. Well maybe it's because I have not gotten close enough to a dog to look him or her in the eyes (that's another story yes). As I was typing, two were running across the road to get of the bus and they even stopped in front of the car when I drove up. I think I was in too much shock to drive through. There was another - a lady spirit this time a short distance away. As soon as she saw the car approaching she started to cross. But thankfully I was in the other lane so she was not close enough to run through.

So far I have not seen any of the spirits go through the cars and I'm not going to attempt to drive through any of them.Please believe me when I say I do not want to. So if you're reading this blog and you are one of them please stop dodging cars and cross at the lights. Remember safety first.

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