Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Over 50 Wrapped Loops!!!

The Toronto Bead Society's (TBS) Bag of Beads was given out in January for the challenge. I sat one night and made over 50 wrapped loops on headpins using the bugles and seed beads in the stash plus some of my own. Over 50 wrapped loops and I wasn't sure what I was making.

I made a "thing"  that reminded me of Lady Gaga but it did not feel right. Do not get me wrong I do not have anything against her. I think that Gaga mood came about since my three year old son asked me about her one night and I pulled up some pictures of her on Google.

Over 50 wrapped loops, coiling,Viking Knit and wire wrapping - yeah I'm still playing with wire and the completion of one TBS piece.

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