Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rae's Beady Arts

My first piece was a bracelet that was made after one of my aunt's coasters broke. The coaster was made from bamboo and wooden beads and all I had at that time was a piece of leather cord. One bracelet and I was hooked .

When I moved to Canada seven years ago I lived on the Internet and Google became one if my best friends. Today the Toronto Bead Society is one of my biggest networks outside the church. The level of creativity and skills displayed among its members has challenged my own creativity. The skills I've acquired over the years were self- taught from the Internet , books and experimentation.

My teaching background has lead me to start a business called Rae's Beady Arts where I design jewelry to teach. The Beady Arts experience is "From the heart, by the hands and just for you".

You can visit my blog:, my Facebook Fan page : Rae's Beady Arts or you can find me at Beadfx on weekends.

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