Saturday, October 20, 2012

I played today!!!! Yipeeee!!!

I played today!!!! Yipeeee!!! I had a beautiful day at work today. Work ? Play? Yeah I took Iris Rogers Melamed's Hot Connections 3 class at work today and it was a great way to spend my Saturday. Wonderful ladies and an equally wonderful and excellent instructor. We were on a roll playing with fire.

I made three silver bangles, two rings and finished my earrings from the first soldering class I had taken in the summer. I feel more confident now to solder at home because even though I purchased the equipment I still felt a bit skeptical to do it. So look out for the pictures of my pieces in the near future ( please give me some credit - I blogged three days in a row).In the meantime have a look at Iris' class samples: 

Iris' Bangles ( Hot Connections 3)
Now here I am winding down for the day spending sometime on Pinterest - but that  is another blog for another day. See you soon.

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