Monday, October 22, 2012


"Girl you're addicted to Pinterest." I've to admit that I am. Admittance is still the first step of the twelve step program right!! Imagine that I was hearing about it for a long time and was not going to get sucked in by another "thing" on the computer. Well I'm in big time and like my other addictions I'm sure there's no rehab. Yeah I can picture it now: people in a huge room trying to stop pinning and as they do they keep logging out and in because each time they log out they find something to pin.

And it goes further: they each get sent to a room where they are placed in front on a computer that has no internet but then slip in a flash drive that has there favourite boards on it. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez I'm gonna stop. Well I need something to wind down - yeah right but I seem to be winding down all the time. I now have 17 boards, 778 Pins, 161 Likes, 84 Followers and  I'm following  690 people ( to where - the rehab that does not exist?).

So yeah I just came off for a few minutes to blog a bit. So feel free to click on the my Pinterest link and who knows if we're not already, we may soon be following each other. Enjoy!!!

Another Kumihimo Experiment - taken from My Kumihimo Board on Pinterest

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