Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Do you find yourself wearing the same colours most of the time? When you go shopping do you often choose the same colour palette?

There are times when I try to resist the temptation but it seems as though I'm locked in. Years ago I wore mainly dark colours and my dad and a former school teacher of mine (who also became my colleague), kept insisting that I put some colour in my life. Thankfully I listened.

Approximately two years later I overheard  the former school principal where I taught Art/Craft, suggesting to another teacher that she should come to me if she needed advice on colour. Yes thankfully I listened.

I'm not gonna get into the technicalities of colour theory ( that can be googled ) but what I'll mention is how much colour can have an impact on one's mood.

After my first Canadian winter experience I have surrounded myself with colour and that really helps during those long dark cold days.

So yes I may buy my favorite colours( green, teal, turquoise, orange) when I go shopping  I'm not afraid to deviate a bit at times.

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