Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I went into WalMart this morning without my umbrella even though I knew it was going to rain. The first time I returned to the car it was drizzling and I paid it no mind - I refused to take the umbrella out. However, one trip back in and it was pouring.

I stood for a few minutes ( approximately two) and planned my get away. I ran out in the rain and in Flip Flops too ( yes what we call Rubber Slippers  in Trinidad & Tobago ) and it felt great. The child in me just wanted to dance and skip or skip and dance - same difference.

Running in the rain reminded me of my childhood and of a time when one of my aunts took our school bags and allowed us to play in the rain after school. While we were running and enjoying ourselves, some adults in our neighbourhood wanted us to seek shelter but it was okay to continue because we had permission.

How I miss those days! Running in the rain outside WalMart in the summer heat  felt great but then the adult in me had to go home.

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